Sep 26, 2016

Patty Ang describes her journey with fashion as a love affair, and it’s a very accurate term – her career journey has been romantic, inspirational and yet challenging, with her passion being tested time and again. But with strong, confident perseverance, she never faltered and can finally say that she’s arrived.

She now extends this strength and elegance to women everywhere, with pieces that enhance the poise and class that make a woman beautiful, as well as the clarity and confidence that make her powerful.  With a line of versatile pieces that can be worn from the office to the mall, she uplifts the strongest woman of all: the esteemed, well-balanced and successful CEO who achieves her goals and fulfills her passions.

DSC03204How did you start out in fashion design?

Fashion is really my passion. I wanted to take it up for college, but my parents didn’t want me to. Most parents would say, “Take a business course first before fashion, or whatever course you want.” So that’s what I did. I studied Behavioral Science first in La Salle; then after graduation, I didn’t work because I really wanted to study fashion. At first my dad didn’t want me to, but eventually he allowed me. I graduated from DLSU in October and studied in FIP from November to March, and then started to design in May […] I needed money to start up and they wouldn’t give me, so I borrowed from different people – no big amount naman – and that’s how I started. I started in May 2014, and then everything is history.

What do you love most about your business?

Everything about it! Once you’re doing what you like, it doesn’t actually feel like work – of course, the back house of it does, but I like seeing my clients confident and happy with what they wear, so it doesn’t really feel like work for me.

patty2 (edited)What are you most proud of?

I am proud that I started this on my own, from scratch. If my family had funded me for this, I think I wouldn’t have worked as hard as I am working right now. In a way, since they didn’t like me doing this, I think it also pushed me to work harder so I could say that I achieved this. It’s still far from what my family does or what they have, but at least I can say that I have my own little thing and I worked for it.

Let’s go to your collection with AVA. What was your inspiration behind this line?

I always want to give. There are some people who wouldn’t spend as much for clothes and we want to give other people who [know the value of the clothes] something from us, in partnership with AVA. The inspiration here is probably the office woman. Something that professionals can wear to the office then straight out at night … so it’s something for women, for professionals from the office.

If you were to describe this collection in three words, what would they be?

Simple, classic, and clean.

DSC02729What excites you the most about this collection?

I don’t really do prints and AVA really helped me in picking the right print for this collection. It’s still classic stuff that you can wear from day to night. It’s not screaming prints and all those.

Tell us a little bit about these prints in the collection.

The print that we made is still classic. It’s all over but still minimal – prints that professionals would wear. These are basic, printed tops that people can wear with simple outfits. We have them in green and blue, so you can match them with anything, actually. They’re simple, but with a twist.

Aside from the prints, what else did you do differently for this collection?

I always believed that when you buy something, there should be a return on investment. You shouldn’t buy something that’s very expensive but you’ll only wear it once. We decided to make pieces that you can wear everyday, you can wear at night, you can wear to an event. They’re very versatile and you can really play around with them – they’re very sulit.

How do you want women to feel whenever they wear your clothes?

Confident. When women feel good, it’s different. You can see in their face that they feel confident about what they have, and that’s what makes them more beautiful.

DSC02287Who do you see wearing your collection with AVA?

I see every woman who has the same aesthetic of being confident and comfortable with the clothes. No particular muse, if that’s what you’re asking. I think it’s any body type. In my own collection, I don’t go for fitted, body-hugging stuff. There is still shape, but it’s not fitted or sticking to your body. Some want to hide their arms, their tummy or whatever, and we incorporate that with the designs. Of course there are some pieces that we made a bit sexier. It’s exciting and it’s something we can all look forward to. We’ll surprise you!

What motivates you to get up in the morning?

I like what I do. Honestly, our only break is on Sundays, and sometimes we have Sunday pa because weekends and holidays are when most working women are usually free. Of course there are times when we get bummed out or tired, but then you like what you do. I like to learn, and I like to travel, so I need to work! But I also have a daughter, and it’s different when you have one – you don’t always think about yourself, but her future as well.

But then again, it’s passion.  For me when you’re really passionate about something, whatever it is, however you work for it, you’ll get through any obstacle because you know you want to reach that goal.

DSC03336What’s next for Patty Ang?

I want to go global. I also want to lean towards RTW items. Five years from now, I don’t think I’ll have the energy to meet different clients every hour. I always think ten years ahead in my business. So thinking ten years ahead, I can’t meet everyone one-by-one so I have to push my RTW also.

I also want to expand my e-commerce. It’s already up and going but it’s not so fast yet – I usually have something new twice a year. But it’s going well; I just need to learn how to manage it. My company’s pretty small and I do have to manage that. Custom-made, I handle my marketing and staff so it’s all a work in progress.

View the full Patty AngxAVA collection here.