Picturing a Modern Woman: Jackie Go x AVA

Picturing a Modern Woman: Jackie Go x AVA

How do you ignore a woman like Jackie Go? Tip: You don’t.

Jackie Go is a portrait of a modern Filipino woman – a jack of all trades juggling her time being a mom of two, a businesswoman, a model, and an influential blogger.

In between sending her kids to school and preparing their meals, Jackie still manages to squeeze in her workout routine before changing hats to write her blog, pose as a model, and manage a business with her husband.  It was a challenge for her to balance everything, but it didn’t stop her from becoming a trailblazer.

Jackie in the Off-Shoulder Lori-White and Wide Leg Amy - Grey by Jackie Go x AVA.

“Sometimes we get [so] overwhelmed with work that we tend to do a lot of things, but I’ve learned over time that you can’t do everything,” Jackie says. “ [I complete my day-to-day tasks by] trying to list all the things I need to do and prioritize. It’s about managing everything well.”

Among the many things she’s known for, Jackie manages a lifestyle blog called Go Jackie Go. It features her day-to-day adventures focusing on style, beauty, motherhood, fitness, food, events, travel, and technology.

Being a blogger came abruptly to Jackie, who says that her blogging career only flew after welcoming her first baby to the world. Today, however, Jackie’s at the top of the game, serving as an inspiration to her readers and all other working moms out there.

Jackie in the Blouse Bobbie-White and Wide Leg Amy-White by Jackie Go x AVA.

Love for her family, work, and readers fuels Jackie to continue blogging. According to her, it is encouraging to know that she can inspire others, advising bloggers to enjoy the process and work hard to spread positivity to uplift readers.

“You have to really like [blogging] because if you don’t, people would see you are just doing this because of [money and fame] ,” Jackie says. “Putting up a blog to rant or diss other people is not really something you would want. If you think [creating your own blog] will make you happy or it’s something that can help people, go for it without hesitation.”

When AVA decided to collaborate with Jackie, she agreed almost instantly. Jackie has known AVA for years, owning pieces from Vanessa Matsunaga and Chris Diaz’s respective collaborations with AVA, among a variety of beautiful and fashionable clothing.

“When AVA approached me to do a collection, I didn’t hesitate and immediately said yes, because I believe in the brand and I really want Filipinos to patronize a local company that supports local,” Jackie remarks.

Jackie in the Jumpsuit Layla-Black by Jackie Go x AVA

Believing in what AVA represents and how it visualizes modern Filipino women, Jackie says deciding to work with AVA was a no-brainer. Jackie sees it as a great opportunity to inspire moms to go outside their comfort zones and “buy something they think they can’t pull off but actually can.”

Jackie confesses that it was difficult to adjust her style from a trendy single woman to a fashionable young mom. Thus, in creating the collection, Jackie weaved the aesthetic of her personal style and the demands of motherhood together by blending basic pieces to create simple yet stunning looks.

According to Jackie, it doesn’t matter if you go for trendy pieces because what matters is how you wear the clothes. She adds: “Since then I started to build my wardrobe with basics that when you mix and match, [the combination] really still sets you apart and helps you be more confident.”

Jackie’s collaboration with AVA has a unique appeal thanks to its simplicity, coupled with a utilitarian mindscape for the daily hustles of being a mother and a working woman. Dolled up with eye-catching silhouettes, Jackie’s collection is easy to wear and fit for every Jill’s day-to-day routine.

Jackie in the Half Sleeve Judy-White and Skirt Kara-Blush (Out Soon.) by Jackie Go x AVA.

“I automatically know what I want. If I would be stuck on an island or city I am not familiar with, what clothes would I bring? That’s where the idea came from. If I needed to wear something smart casual, this is what I want to wear. If I want to play with casuals and still look presentable, this is what I would wear,” she says.

Jackie describes her collection as clean, minimalist, and relevant. Dominated by a classic palette blended into soft folds of fabric, the collection exhales a strong and vibrant feel of confident humility and strength – highlighting the undisputable trait of every independent and influential woman of the 21st century.

“I considered women in general [for the collection] . Whether you are working or not, it is difficult to think about what you will wear every day. The silhouettes are basic but the styles are tweaked; we kind of harnessed from that idea,” Jackie says.

There are lots of ways to describe the modern Filipina: strong, confident, resilient, you name it! Just the same, there are plenty of ways to express yourself through clothing. Your everyday wear defines you, be it at work or at home.

If you want to be in the loop of the latest fashion for independent working women, check out the Jackie Go X AVA collection and see what best suits your style as a modern Filipina.