Pro Tips for Attending Fashion Week from the Country’s Top Fashion Designers

Pro Tips for Attending Fashion Week from the Country’s Top Fashion Designers

by Gretzel Lantican


An on-the-go woman usually asks, “What should I wear next? Today, it remains a frequently asked question, especially when heading to a runway show.

Choosing an outfit is as hard as finding a place to eat. You can’t think of a specific dress or restaurant because there are so many options. You can ask a friend, check an app, or Google, but these shouldn’t always be the case.

To help us figure out the right way to dress for any occasion, AVA asked some of the country’s well-known fashion designers during the 2018 Philippine Fashion Gala.

Fashion Experts

In order to keep up in fashion shows, Founder of Fashion Institute of the Philippines (FIP) and Canada/Paris-based designer, Luciano “Shannon” Pamaong says you must dress accordingly and go with the theme. If the event is in black and gold, wear something that complements with these two colors.

Global designers Yves Camingue and Jian Lasala added that it’s not always about “dressing to impress”. Sometimes viewers need etiquette too. They need to be informed how to properly behave for the occasion.

When viewing collections, they should “appreciate more of the clothes” than their designer, Camingue says. To get a full experience of every line, “I want them to appreciate the costumes and cherish each of them”.

Cebu City-based fashion designer Yves Camingue's funky line

Lasala also advises fashion viewers to be more sensitive and less critical when attending such events. Since most of them are usually in coutures, he only hopes for viewers to be more open to new designs, cultures, and visions, because these things can influence their own style.

The diverse collection of global designer Jian Lasala

“Keep an open mind, because styles can be adapted. Some [designs] may not be your cup of tea, but will open your eyes to more ideas,” Luxewear designer Bernie Ngwe adds.

Bernie Ngwe's floral couture collection

Don’t try so hard to blend in. Be who you want to be and act accordingly for the occasion. As long as you keep in mind AVA’s pro tips from our fashion designers, you’ll do good on the next runway shows.