QOD: What is Haute Couture?

QOD: What is Haute Couture?

by Gretzel Lantican


When pronounced, haute couture (ōt -ko͞o-to͝or) sounds posh. It’s the fashion term we’ve heard a couple of times, but, let’s admit, most of us don’t really know the meaning behind it.

For starters, “haute” is a french word that means high or elegant while “couture” means sewing. When both words are combined, the term now is now defined as high fashion.

To be called a haute couture house, the fashion brand must be under the Syndical Chamber for Haute Couture, which is managed by the French Department of Industry in Paris. Fashion giants like Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, and Pierre Cardin are members of this house.

Its intended market are socialites, from actors and actresses to royalty. These famous faces started wearing couture post-World War 2, and it continues to trend with its niche market up to this day.

Here are some of the stunning coutures from the Fall Winter 2018/2019 collection:

Adowah Aboah in Christian Dior

A model in Iris van Herpen Fall 

A creation by Schiaparelli

A couture by Georges Hobeika

A model  walks in Valentino

A creation by Mayson Rabih Kayrouz


The term haute couture is often used in fashion, but not everyone knows the true meaning behind it. At AVA, we help you defined this commonly used french word for we’re more than just an e-commerce that promotes local brands and independent fashion designers. We’re also educating modern women on everything there is to know about fashion.