Jan 25, 2018
by Gretzel H. Lantican


Wild and free are such words to describe young women. They show their style in a daring yet sophisticated manner, and portray themselves as being fearless.

The Daring Piece

Take the trend from Oh Linda. It’s the sassy brand of valiant women who are courageous enough to wear daring clothes. These females follow the “less is more” rule in fashion.

The so-called daring brand gets applause for its chic and provocative swimwear, featuring off-baring and foxy bathing suits.

see the entire collection here

The Cheerful Add-on

Accessories don’t always need to be fancy and extravagant. Sometimes it only takes a vibrant necklace or bright-colored bracelet to highlight your style. Take it from Olivia & Diego, a brand that promotes sustainable fashion accessories.

Besides its eco-friendly products, Olivia & Diego is known for supporting artisans, household mothers and victims of human trafficking. These craftswomen create handmade accessories that highlight the idea that fashion can be good for the environment.

see the entire collection here

Whether you’re being daring with Oh Linda or sweet with Olivia & Diego doesn’t matter. As long as you wear any brand with confidence, then you fittingly define today’s young fashion.