Home and Design Products on Clearance!

Home and Design Products on Clearance!
by Gretzel H. Lantican


February is going to be a month of snagging Home and Design products. AVA is holding its last call on Home and Design collection, featuring useful and eco-friendly products like Bubi, Bobble, and Sustainably Made. You have until February 28, 2018 to buy from AVA’s Home and Design collection.

Don't miss this chance to score some of our most-loved products, especially the following sustainable items:


Nothing beats a reusable, collapsible, and BPA-free drinking bottle like Bubi. Besides being a  suitable container for hot and cold beverages, Bubi doubles as a food storage and gadget holder. It seals food and gadgets against water and dirt.

The durability and versatility of Bubi make it the right accessory for your weekend escapade and healthy living.

Also available in colors Grape, Green, Lemon and Ocean Blue


Drinking is fun with Bobble. This recyclable product allows you to drink clean, fresh, and portable water, while saving Mother Earth.

Buying Bobble will keep you hydrated and will allow you to save more money than other drinking containers.

Also available in colors Blue, Green, Pink, and Red


When it comes to affordability and sustainability, Keepcup is an excellent choice. Its production made a positive impact to consumers’ behavior, as consumers quickly changed their modern lifestyle from take-away plastic and paper coffee cups, which are wasteful and costly to the environment, to Keepcup.

The impact of its campaign to consumers and the environment made Keepcup an award-winning brand, which makes you think twice about using coffee cups again.

Also available in colors Starlight and Sunlight 


Sustainably Made

Besides being good to nature, Sustainably Made is also beneficial to the community. The brand’s products are made from 20-year old Marsse Tropical Timber whose parts, including branches, scrap wood, and stumps, are being utilized to create wooden accessories.

Buying Sustainably Made is worth it, because it also adds a wonderful aesthetic that provides beauty to your home and environment.

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The ability to produce sustainable products is phenomenal with today’s advanced technology. AVA has a limited sustainable collection that’s currently on clearance until February 28, 2018. We also have selected Home and Design products that are up to 60% off until the end of the month.

Our sustainable aesthetics are beneficial to consumers and the environment, so you might want to consider buying AVA’s eco-friendly products today! Visit https://www.ava.ph to see our Home & Design Clearance.