Take on the World with Confidence with Your Own Piece from #PattyAngxAVA

Take on the World with Confidence with Your Own Piece from #PattyAngxAVA

Flowing silhouettes and capes – these are the trademarks of a Patty Ang piece. In her first capsule collection with AVA, Patty designs clean and classic outfits perfect for the successful woman.

DSC02388DSC02221Top: Andi Top in Black

Ideal for day-to-night wear, each top from the collection gives women the confidence to take on any occasion, from a boardroom presentation to a gala night out.

Patty said, “I always believe that whatever body type you have, when women feel good about themselves it’s different – the way they walk or the way they go out of the house.” And that’s the same kind of confidence you can expect to have when you wear a piece made by Patty Ang.


Top: Grace Top in Black

About the collection

The collection includes a number of monochromatic pieces that are simply timeless. The capes and drapings in the collection add seamless movement and different dimensions highlighting the features that make a woman beautiful.

DSC02173DSC02213Top: Jessica Top in White

“I think I designed [capes] at the right time because when I started making those, it started to become a trend thanks to the international brands. In a way it helped me as well,” she added.

The collection offers various styles fit for every shape. From flounce tops, spaghetti straps, button-down attires, and sleeveless drapings, the options are endless for the everyday working woman.

DSC03138DSC03175Coming soon to AVA.ph: Jordana Top in Limited Edition Green Print

Uncommon to her past collections, Patty incorporated asymmetric prints, which she customized with AVA. “It’s still classic stuff that you can wear all day. It’s something different that I don’t even have but we do in this collection,” Patty added. Available in blue and green, the prints in this collection can be easily matched with almost any outfit for any occasion.

DSC02791DSC02868Coming soon to AVA.ph: Mikaela Top in Limited Edition Green Print

“The inspiration behind this collection is the office woman. I always want to give a little bit of myself in all of my collaborations and make this kind of style available to them,” she said.

The basic pieces are now available at #PattyAngxAVA on AVA.ph.  Watch out for the limited edition printed pieces coming soon!