The Fashion Etiquette: How to Dress for Work

The Fashion Etiquette: How to Dress for Work

by Gretzel Lantican

Simple and elegant are words used to describe a fine lady. But how could one be identified in terms of profession?

One can always tell that a stylish woman dresses accordingly at work. Bandage skirts, flip-flops, and spaghetti straps are not included in her workwear wardrobe. She has a distinct flair that stands out in the corporate world. She has a set of rules (listed below) and she stands by them:

1. Dress based on your profession. As soon as you understand the nature of your work, you can get a grip of the dress code: smart casual or corporate attire.

2. Wear the right glasses. There’s no reason to not have the right pair of glasses. Whether you’re in the field or at a desk, you deserve a pair that suits your face, one that won’t slide down when you move. Let’s admit it, wearing something like that is a distraction at work. 

3. Keep a pair of comfortable flats. If you belong to the group of Tita commuters, then you need to have shoes that are comfortable and stylish, not to mention a pair that can go well to your on-the-go lifestyle.  

Comfortable styling in Cocorose

4. Avoid strong perfumes. Always leave the house with a fresh feeling but don’t overdo it. Know the right place to apply the scent: behind the ears, wrist, belly button, ankle, behind the knees, neck, elbows, and hair.

5. Deck on rich colors to show authority. Having your own style means being your own boss. With vivid colored clothes, you portray authority and confidence. However, you should avoid neon and glimmering outfits, because they can be inappropriate or too outrageous for work.

From left to right: Top: MNQA - Laverna in White; Dress: MNQA - Fontanne

Daria for every modern woman's workwear

6. Keep it decent all the time. It’s the rule of thumb in fashiondress for the occasion as well as for your own comfort.


Being part of the corporate world means you have to dress smart and easy. For a modern woman, it means that you must always look your best. Your dynamic lifestyle is much like your fashionalways changing but still keeping a versatile and elegant flair.