The Look: AVA Women On The Go

The Look: AVA Women On The Go

It takes a special kind of woman to get up every morning and be dressed to the tee to conquer whatever comes their way. What makes the Ava woman stand out, is that she doesn’t conform to the trends that come and go. Their style speaks volumes about their personality, that with just one look is enough to send out a clear message- I am an AVA woman.

From the home of beautiful things, our trendspotting team set out to find the AVA women on the go.

Sinfully Basic

A must have staple in every woman’s wardrobe, with a key eye for style our team spotted Ms. Viola a mile away. Her simple yet effortlessly elegant look is polished, flexible and incredibly versatile to style!

Gorgeously Chic

Once we laid eyes on Ms. Jackie we knew she was the epitome of a fast forward woman who defies trends and set her own style apart- and we love it! Her bold choice of matching two eye-catching colors and monochrome accessories is a classic visionary.


Classic and Exotic Beauty

Simplistically bright and beautiful, Ms. Maria caught our eye with her classic interpretation of bold and basic fashion that can’t be beat with any trend. Ms. Paulette left us wanting more of her style with her glamorously exotic look that can own any runway and spark up the light in the office.

Happy Romantics

AVA women draws in positive vibes like bees to honey, any outfit can be glammed up and styled to the heavens, however, for this group of romantics they incorporate love and cheerfulness that immediately adds flare to their soft and subtle look.

Confidently Elegant

They say that a woman who carries herself with confidence inspires others, that’s exactly what we thought when Ms. Marites passed by our radar. Her play on prints and nudes is easy on the eyes yet packs a big impact, that’ll have you stepping a few steps back to appreciate the look.

The daily grind calls for the unexpected and no wiser words have ever been spoken than by Bill Cunningham, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”. From the home of the beautiful things, dress like the versatile AVA woman.