The Pristine Skin Beauty Routine for Every Summer Girl

The Pristine Skin Beauty Routine for Every Summer Girl

by Gretzel Lantican

Beach babes love the feeling of being under the sun. The radiance is a warm feeling they can’t resist. But when the rays hit them too much or too often, the sun can be very harmful. That’s why there’s a need for a skin care routine that won’t let them down.

Prevent breakouts and early signs of ageing caused by sun damage. Care for your skin as much as you treat your wardrobe. Pamper it the right way with a daily skin routine.

The Basic Routine

An effective beauty routine doesn’t need to be complicated. You’ve got every right to choose your own skin care products. You’ll be fine with whatever works for you. But generally, there are some rules for the first-time skin carers. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll look flawlessly good and healthy at every age.

Keep your skin hydrated.

Water should be your favorite drink, because it’s important to keep your skin hydrated this summer.

Drink at least 8 glasses of filtered water per day. It’s a simple routine that will maintain a moisturized and balanced look on your body.

With the prevention of internal dehydration, headaches and dizziness won’t bother you, too. Take care of your body, because you need to remember that beauty is a glow from within.

Eat healthy meals for radiant skin.

There’s another tip to keep your skin hydrated: taking a balanced meal. A healthy meal won’t just give you enough energy throughout the day; it’ll even  minimize your summer breakouts.

You may enjoy all the pizza and baked goods you had last week, but now it’s  time to take a break from the carbs. Instead, enjoy fiber-rich foods like veggies, fruits, and raw nuts.

Find a good product to repair and treat your skin.

The loveliness of a beauty routine is that you get to pick your own skin care products. Generally, there are three things every skin care enthusiast should do: cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating. These three will help you stay afloat this season.

A cleansing product eliminates all the dirt, makeup, and oil on your face, bringing forth the best complexion out of you. After using a cleanser, a toner should be used to swoop in any (possible) residue on your face. Toner is commendable to use in the evening so as to brighten one’s skin color as well.

With the balmy weather, there’s no doubt you’re at risk of getting dry and damaged skin. Avoid these problems with a moisturizing product. Using one would prevent the early signs of wrinkles and fine lines. When you use an exfoliating cleanser afterwards, you’ll experience the continuous clarity and smoothness of your skin this season.

Prevent sun damage with sunscreen.

Not all sunscreens are produced the same, so make sure to get the right product for you. A mineral sunscreen is meant for sensitive skin, moisturizing sunscreen for dry skin, and oil-free sunscreen for oily skin. Pay attention to its level of protection, too *say something about SPF and what level it should be here*.

Take other measures to protect your skin under the heat.

Aside from our basic skin care routine, there are other measures to prevent skin from damaging. Stay away from the sun from 10 am to 3pm, because this time is when the sun’s UV rays are most intense.  

The burning heat from the sun also requires you to accessorize. Wear a wide-brimmed hat when going to the beach, a pair of sunglasses when roaming around town, or a summer cap when going for a morning jog.

For the Summer Bummer Girls

Sun is out, waves are in; it’s the time of year to pamper your skin. You’ve got all the time to go have fun under the sun, but don’t forget the basic routine to make sure you aren’t getting any negative side effects.

A daily beauty routine will benefit you in the long run, because having radiant and beautiful skin is a total investment. There won’t be any breakage, pimples, and dullness on your skin, and the best part is you’ll keep away the early signs of ageing.

When you try the summer girl’s beauty routine, you’ll age gracefully, because you’re a beautiful woman with healthy skin.



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