Oct 12, 2018

by Gretzel Lantican

Empowered by the country’s creative and cultural women from The Philippine Textile Council, the 2018 Likhang Habi Fair began last October 12, 2018 at Glorietta Activity Center, Makati City.

Celebrating its 8th year with the theme Woven Voyages, the market fair features 80 textile exhibitors including Ditta Sandico, Filip+Inna, and LARA Samar, plus ASEAN partners from Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

What to Expect:

To promote  the use of natural fabrics, to introduce Philippine-grown handwoven cotton, and to support weaving communities in the country, the three-day event has special activities in store for all of us (see images below).

Day 1 of Habi Fair


Day 2 of Habi Fair


Day 3 of Habi Fair


The Exhibitors

Some remarkable designers, with their contribution to the event’s advocacy, were also spotted at the first day of the fair, looking out for inspirations as well as showcasing their own designs.

Apol Massebieau of Good Luck, Humans currently collaborates with Ilokano artisans. On her 2019 Summer Collection, she plans to promote Antique's patadyong weaving.
Named the brand after her, Zarah Juan is one in promoting local weavers  as well. "I believe there's no other people who can help [them], but us, Filipinos," she emphasizes. From scarves to wicker bags, the brand strongly advocates local craftsmanship.


Supported by Ayala Foundation, Iraya Mangyan, the 8th IP community in Mindoro Island, is a brand recognized for its stylish nito baskets in the form of home decorations. 


Monsie David says The Habi Textile Council encourages farmers to revive the cotton industry, so it could be used for weaving.


Lokal Home + Art + Fashion is a mother and son duo. A brand that advocates contemporary products with the use of traditional materials like Sagada and Abra fabrics. Their products are designed based on their life experiences: a pottery session and a kalachuchi in their home.


Kat Palasi, the creative mind behind AbekHome + Culture, contributes to local industry by promoting indigo and natural dyes "If you wear synthetic [colored clothes], it can be harmful to Mother earth, and [wearing my brand] is one of the ways [to become] environment-friendly," she says.


Lara contributes not just to local fashion but also to the victims of Yolanda, the weavers of Samar. "[Our brand] helps them sustain their livelihood and [preserves] the craft of weaving industry," Khristine Ramos says.


Meet remarkable designers and experience excellent craftsmanship at the 2018 Likhang Habi Fair. The three-day trade event is open to public.

Show your support to our notable designers, weavers, and local brands. Check out the event, which is ongoing until October 14, 2018, at Glorietta Activity Center, Makati City.