The UAAP OOTD: What’s your Squad’s Style?

The UAAP OOTD: What’s your Squad’s Style?

by Gretzel Lantican

The much awaited collegiate league has begun. Athletic apparel dominates the scene. Sweatpants, pencil skirts, and sneakerheads are everywhere. Once again, laid-back style has ruled the occasion.

Much like the universities competing, a woman’s wardrobe is fierce and versatile.

When it comes to the game, each school has its own strategy to play while in fashion, a lady has her own style to wear.


Choosing Your Side

If you find shirts too casual to wear to the event, here’s AVA’s UAAP Catalogue to help:

Dress: Daria - Joe Tank Dress 


Shoes: Cocorose - Clapham

A tank top dress is a relaxed and polished outfit. Complement it with the classy Clapham flats and you’re ready for the occasion. This pair is made of soft woven leather, so you can watch the game with happy feet.


Dress: Daria - Sydney Wrap Dress 


Shoes: Cocorose -Brixton

Effortless style is needed for a look that’s feminine and casual. Nothing beats the versatility of a wrap dress. Don this piece with the Brixton, and you’ll stay modest and carefree throughout the entire game. For much added comfort, this ballerina pair has an added elastic band, cushioned insoles, and non-slip heels.


Bottom: Miss J - Quennie Shorts 


Shoes: Cocorose - Stratford

In an intense crowd, wear something that’s pleasant, clothing that can complement every piece. With the Quennie shorts in nude, the university shirt you’re wearing will stand out the most. Partner it with the Stratford flats, which add a much more distinct approach to your outfit.

Stand out in the sea full of shirts and sneakerheads. Wear something elegant but still comfortable during UAAP’s intense arena games. Represent the university you belong to with total class from AVA’s sporty yet elegant pieces.