These Stylish Shoes will Take You to Good Places

These Stylish Shoes will Take You to Good Places

by Gretzel Lantican


In the words of Marilyn Monroe, a woman can conquer the world when given the right pair of shoes. Anyone who wants to travel the world should believe the iconic star. A lady can never go far without sporting a pretty pair, so seek the ideal cleats, heels, platforms, or footwear you desire.

On a fashionable note, every pair of shoe displays a different flair and reveals a different story, all of which is something to take in.

At AVA, six shoe brands can be identified as the epitome of beauty, style, and comfort.

Annie & Lori

Nicolai in Amber  

With its growing presence in the international scene, Annie & Lori takes pride in offering genuine leather sandals in mostly basic and neutral colors. These timeless and minimalist shoes accompany every lady on long walks at the park, beach, or museums.


Artsy Ladies - OP Art

Much like Annie & Lori, Paez is the ideal pair when roaming around the streets of town. Made in Argentina, the label’s fabric linen slip-ons are fun and comfy to wear; they make one city girl with happy feet.


Tennis Elly Ado - Raisin

Having originated in France, Bensimon is finely made with premium cotton. Combined with a canvas top and rubber sole, the brand’s pairs are inspired by the design of a tennis shoe.

The elastic materials used to create Bensimon provide ease to sneakerheads. They move freely when they wear this pair in the gym, at festivals and concerts, or even on rainy days.


Annie - Beige 

The desirable shoes of Llois are usually made from eco-friendly materials: embroidered canvas mules, abaca sole wedges, and canvas body flats, while their heels are commonly made of leather on jewelled sandals and block heels.

Since women stride in comfort when wearing Llois, these stylish pieces are every modern Filipina’s ideal pair for their day and night getaways.



The modern footwear that promotes the art of loom-weaving, Rippletwyne takes pride in honoring a Filipino tradition still practiced by the artisan weavers of Mang Abel Ti Abra. The local brand uses plain fabric materials in brown, green, and pink woven, striped patterns, so women of all ages will love marching casual Rippletwynes when going for a campus tour or when commuting.


Ekaterina Gala

Among the shoe brands that have perfected simplicity and elegance, Sala is one of those that also comes in the form of flats and heels. Made by a truly stylish duo, the brand is crafted with quality leather and is produced using satin ribbons, ankle straps, and classic colors.

Ideally, Sala is for every career woman who has a life after work. She’s the kind of lady who attends meetings, social gatherings, and prestigious events with flair and style.

Get ready to step in

Nothing feels better than exploring the world in a good pair of shoes. As Christian Dior says, it’s truly a proof of elegance. Besides, as Miuccia Prada says, you can never have much freedom when you’re in it.

At AVA, you know you’re on the right path, so walk in style to places you’ll love with our stylish shoes!