This is the 2018 Way to Wear Neutral Colors

This is the 2018 Way to Wear Neutral Colors

by Gretzel Lantican


Neutral colors are never boring. In this tropical weather, the calming shade of these hues are better be worn. Besides, they will always be classic. Earth tone colors will never go out of style, because they bring power to any wardrobe.

In today’s fashion scene, neutral shades are the so-called modern minimalism. Their lovely and relaxed tones complement any color and design of clothes.

All-Neutral Wardrobe

With AVA’s statement neutral pieces, you’d get endless combinations of tops, bottoms, and jackets. You’ll never run out of style, for you’re always equipped with the freshest outfit ideas this season.

Go for a laid-back look. Accentuate with jewelry over a neutral top, then finish it with a hairdo that matches your outfit.

(from left to right) Mrofinu Crew Neck - Dark Tan, Undo Cara Top - Nude, Mrofinu Crew Neck - Nude


A dress is an effortless piece to garb, but make it neutral. Add a bold pop by means of a colored coat, and you’ll be on top of the fashion game!

Adeline X AVA Melanie Dress - Blush 


For a refreshing style, try neutral on neutral. Layer a beige colored coat over your nude cami top, so you’d channel a fresh and laid-back look in no time.

(From left to right) Lani Top - Tan, Mnqa Laverna - Nude


The more texture the better, at least in the world of fashion. Therefore, add neutral accessories like bags and shoes, because they signify grace and flair to any outfit.

(From left to right) Pelle Tote - Light Tan, Sala Kitsune Flats - Nude, Llois Joy - Beige, Coteciel Bowler Bag - Brown 


Shift to Neutrals

Upgrade your style with earth tone colors from AVA. This palette consists of the aptly named “easywear” that effortlessly coordinates with basics and vivid clothes.

A neutral scheme is essential for building a woman’s wardrobe. Anything can go with these colors: beige, tan, and brown, so always wear it to maintain a crisp timelessness to your look.