Titas of Manila: Here are AVA's Commuter-Friendly Shoes

Titas of Manila: Here are AVA's Commuter-Friendly Shoes

by Gretzel Lantican

Manila transportation is one heck of a challenge for titas, but they’re already used to standing in mass lines when waiting for jeepneys and being jam-packed like sardines when riding the MRT. During these situations, women need a pair of flats that’s comfortable for their walks and runs on their daily commute.

Shoes for the Tita Commuters


Sport casual with Bensimon.

This army canvas sneaker pair is perfect for someone caught in the hustle of getting a ride every morning. It fits her kind of profession that doesn’t require any dress code, a.k.a. the laid-back getup.

Get classy with Cocorose.

Sometimes titas of the city are frustrated when they can’t book a ride; they end up with other modes of transportation. For this, they need London’s finest shoe brand, Cocorose, where all pairs are made with double cushioned and non-slip soles for their comfort and versatility. Titas will definitely stay graceful during the rush hour with these beauties.

Be Fearless with Paez.

Made with upper soft canvas, this pair of Argentine comfort shoes features a cushioned leather insole, EVA rubber sole, and soft cotton lining, so every tita can venture to any destination she desires. Not to mention, it has artistic designs to match her distinct style and personality.


The country’s transportation system is getting tougher to beat everyday, and it’s just one of the challenges titas are currently facing in Manila. To somehow lessen this kind of stress, versatile and comfortable flats are the ideal pairs for them. As they commute daily in the city, they’re ready to embrace the long lines and crazy jam in a fashionable way.