To All the Clothes Lara Jean has Worn Before: AVA Edition

To All the Clothes Lara Jean has Worn Before: AVA Edition

by Gretzel Lantican


The character of Lara Jean Covey embodies every woman—ingenue, sweet, and charming. When she confessed her feelings to all the boys she loved before (through letter)s, it portrayed that women can sometimes be sentimental too.

From driving her sister to school to meeting Peter Kavinsky, she showed us a style that’s Korean-inspired and vintage, or rather, clean, smart, and classy.

Aside from her rollercoaster-ride relationship with Peter, Lara Jean’s attire is the talk of town. You may not have a Peter K. (for now) but at least you get to steal her look with AVA’s pieces.

The Lara Jean Wardrobe meets AVA

1. Do you remember the scene when Lara Jean first attended a party with Peter? She showed a carefree side when she wore a simple chic dress with a bow, covered with a floral-sleeved bomber jacket.

AVA’s take: Ideal for every occasion,  Patty Ang’s Erika Dress works for a casual date or for a party. Don’t forget to style it up with an accessory, then you’re good to go.

2. Post-ski trip, Lara Jean wore a Peter Pan collared blouse, topped off with a burgundy plaid. It’s a sweet and feminine look, considering she combined it with a dark flowy skirt.

AVA’s take: You can mix and match any top with a black skirt. If you’re feeling preppy or dainty today, match your girliest piece with Jackie Go’s Kara Skirt.

3.  The contract signing by the tree is another unforgettable scene that made all ladies have butterflies in their stomachs. In this frame, Lara Jean channels a sweet yet laid-back style in a floral dress, wrapped with another one of her trendy bomber jackets.

AVA’s take:  The ideal piece to achieve a darling look is the Hanami skirt, which can be found in the Tricia Gosingtian x AVA collection. In fact, it’s the capsule for sophisticated ladies and relaxed sweethearts much like our Lara Jean.


The new era has decided: Lara Jean is our new leading lady who’s a game changer in the world of fashion. Indeed, she’s a character with fine taste. She has proven that feminine style can be charming and comfortable at the same time, much like all the designer pieces at AVA.