To All Women: Try Daria’s 5 Figure-Flattering Wrap Dresses

To All Women: Try Daria’s 5 Figure-Flattering Wrap Dresses

by Gretzel Lantican


Sometimes a dress always leaves you wondering if it looks good even if you’ve tried it a zillion times. To answer your doubts, ask yourself three things: 1) Does this type of dress highlight my body features?; 2) Can I move comfortably in it?; and finally 3) Does it look good on me?  

If it doesn’t pull, pinch, or subdivide, then it’s called a figure-flattering dress. This kind of piece caresses your body and doesn’t flatten it. The right fit, style and color should also coordinate with your eyes, hair, and skin tone.

Wrap dresses from Daria

Daria’s wrap dresses showcase your best silhouette. Because they’re easy and flattering to wear, these pieces work best on your figure whether you’ve got an hourglass, apple, or pear-shaped body.

Daring in Revenge

Revenge In Black - ₱1,599

The Revenge dress would highlight your broad shoulders and provide the illusion of longer legs. Your figure is emphasized by the ensemble’s bardot neckline and spandex features.

Ferocious in Kimono Cape

Francia Kimono Cape Wrap Top - ₱1,299

For a woman with big chest, wearing the Kimono Cape with its V-top neckline would accentuate your upper body the sexy way.

Don this piece with fierceness and flair as it features a cape in its ribbed knit long-sleeve top.

Simplicity in Sydney

Sydney Ruffle Wrap Dress in Pink -  ₱1,450

The Sydney Ruffle dress dismisses subtlety, with its ruffled sleeves and skirt adding volume to your thin arms and legs.

Much like the Kimono Cape, the Sydney Ruffle highlights your figure as well. The added fun and sophisticated prints on this dress show your perky side.

Charming in Paris

Paris Wrap Dress in Black - ₱1,450

To get the illusion of a slim figure, wear the Paris in black. Aside from giving you a sexy build, its ruffled style highlights your upper to lower body even more beautifully.

Get this look for a change!

Daria’s classic wrap dresses feature V-top necklines, tie waists, and A-line skirts. These are the most figure-flattering features for a woman’s body, especially if these women want to emphasize their bust, hips, torso, or neck.

AVA highly recommends Daria’s timeless wrap dresses to every woman who’s feeling sassy, adventurous, and sexy.