Trendy Going on Thirty: Timeless Pieces that Should Be in Your Wardrobe before the Big 3-0

Trendy Going on Thirty: Timeless Pieces that Should Be in Your Wardrobe before the Big 3-0

by Gretzel H. Lantican


Some women can’t live without their gadgets, while others can’t sleep without thinking about their wardrobe. Planning outfits for the next day can be frustrating, so it’s nice to start the day without worrying about your OOTD, because you have the basic collection on hand. There will never be another I-have-nothing-to-wear-I-hate-everything moment again.

Basic wear is an essential line that every career woman going on 30 should own. As a career woman living a busy life, you shouldn’t need too many clothes. Only the basic clothing is enough to have you looking great all day.

The Basic Essentials

Straightforward apparel includes timeless pieces created to match any outfit, so don’t wait  to upgrade your collection. It’s what your wardrobe needs.  


Get basic tops. They’re best partnered with different colors, styles, and cuts of trousers, jackets, and skirts.

1. Plain White Tee 

White Crewneck Tee

If there’s anything more versatile than a plain white tee, we haven’t found it yet. It’s the trusty staple perfect to tuck into a printed skirt or a pair of denim cutoffs. Also try layering the plain tee over a tank top or under a sweater, depending on your fashion choice. It‘s best to create a casual yet smart look on a working day.

2. Nautical Strips

Bateau Striped Tee

There’s a reason for the classic striped shirt to be in your closet. The sophisticated woman in you deserves to pair it with a pencil skirt or dark denim jeans.

3. Classic Blazer 

When you reach 30, your body will change. To flatter it, keep a classic blazer. The must-have piece highly compliments your silhouette and completely accentuates your relaxed workwear.

4. Denim Jacket 

Keep the denim jacket but not its acid-washed, rinse, or ripped style in your closet. You’re in your best when this daytime piece is worn on a casual day.


Maintain a simple yet chic staple outfit with a nice pair of trousers or jeans.

1. Dark Denim 

There’s always one perfect pair of jeans that makes booties look good. In this case, it’s dark denims. These jeans create an illusion of skinnier legs and wider hips (when in high waist), accentuating your alluring body. It’s a double-purpose piece that highlights your figure and creates a trend.

2. Black Pants 

Daria Jasmine Pants

If jeans aren’t your thing, then save a pair of black pants. It’s the alternative look to upgrade your relaxed style. It doesn’t matter if it’s cropped, high-waist, low rise, or wide leg, because any of these would complement a laid-back top, or even a more formal piece.


A dress is a woman’s go-to for towards elegance and sophistication, so don’t forget to store one (or more) in your closet.

1. Little Black Dress 

Daria Donatella Black Dress

The black dress isn’t just for royalty. It’s designed for strong and independent women as well. It’s actually a safe choice for a dashing garb, so keep one for the foreseeable future. Accentuate it with elegant jewelry and a simple hairstyle as you aim for elegance


An understated pair of simple heels is a must-have in any working girl’s closet.

1. White Sneakers   

Bensimon Tennis White Sneakers

It feels good to walk around in a pair of classic kicks that perfectly blends with your minimalist ensemble and stylish clothes.

2. Ballet Flats 

Donatella Versace may not be fond of ballet flats, but who can deny their comfort? We’ve seen how Audrey Hepburn gracefully danced on ‘Funny Face’. The fair lady loves the comfiness and lightness of classic flats, so keep a pair to experience the same.

3. Classic Pair of Pumps 

There’s no doubt heels are part of style essentials, especially for the working woman. Pointed-toe pumps bring out a woman’s charm with both laid-back and intricate outfits. Make sure to get a neutral pair in black or gray to show your ultimate sophistication. The timeless piece is also satisfying, working magically by making your legs look longer.


Put a classic finishing touch to your wardrobe by adding embellishments. The total upgrade is worth an investment, especially when you still want to be trendy even in your 30s.

1. Tote Bag 

Gucci’s series of totes

It’s best to invest in a designer bag before you even turn 30, but in the case of Gucci, any time is a great time to start. This sturdy tote is meant to be your everyday carry-on.

2. Fine Jewelry 

Alchemista Smoky Quartz Separates

Another great investment in your 30s is fine jewelry. Its subtlety makes it a stunning inclusion to your basic wardrobe.

Going on 30

As someone living in a bustle, what you need is a wardrobe makeover.

Turn your clothing into a basic fashion staple, for it’s an investment you need when you reached the big three-oh.