Winwyn Marquez talks about Beauty, her Career, and her ‘Reina Hispanoamericana’ Crown

Winwyn Marquez talks about Beauty, her Career, and her ‘Reina Hispanoamericana’ Crown
by Gretzel H. Lantican


On November 5, 2017, Teresita Ssen “Winwyn” Marquez proved that she’s more than just the daughter of two well-known local celebrities. She bested 26 beauties at Bolivia, and bagged home the title 'Reina Hispanoamericana'. Her experiences in life were the main benefit that brought her this huge win for the country.

Family of beauty queens

For Wyn, being a beauty queen runs in her blood. Ever since she was little, she saw herself as one. The idea was mainly inspired by her family’s history. Wyn’s parents are public servants, her aunt Melanie Marquez is the 1979 Miss International, and her other aunt Via Marquez-Hoffman is the 1970 Miss International.

(source: Preen) with 1979 Miss International Melanie Marquez (left) 


As a member of a family being watched by the public eye, Wyn had a hard time stepping up her game. It wasn’t easy for her to prove herself after the criticism she receives everyday. But these negative comments became her stepping stone to better herself in ways like reading and studying more.

Wyn didn’t succeed in her first pageant back in 2014, but she did win on her second try. She bagged the title '2017 Reina Hispanoamericana'. It’s a crown that she sees herself wearing perfectly through the idea of dancing, singing, and teaching all at once, while representing the hispanic culture of the country.

The former pageant loss and those who criticize her served as an experience to learn and grow from. She was a much wiser and more confident Wyn when she joined the 'Reina Hispanoamericana' pageant.  

Career Advice

Her secret to success is to stay positive, be kind, and learn through experience. Radiating good vibes is what Wyn’s good at. When she joined the pageant, her only goal was to represent the country and bag a crown, not a specific title.

Despite the criticism, Wyn keeps her feet on the ground. She gives kindness to those who like her, and kindness even to those who don’t. There may be mishaps along the way, but she’s learning through her experience and she’s gaining from it to improve her career not just as a beauty queen but also as an actress and a teacher.

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Fashion talk


Despite being the daughter of two celebrities, Wyn keeps her humility. She proves that simplicity is the new sexy. Her style is so laid back. She likes a plain white shirt and denim shorts, and she usually shops at Trendsetter Bazaar. She adores the brand and will forever be a fan of it.


Wyn doesn’t do designer bags, but when she does it’s Longchamp as her go-to bag. She’s not a huge fan of putting makeup on, but when she does, it’s always Happy Skin. She also likes trying out different local brands, because she’s fond of Philippine-made products.

Beauty Tips

For beauty tips, Wyn has it plain and simple. Her only advice for ladies is to always wear their best smile. People won’t mind the way you look as long as you wear a beautiful smile that can be contagious and remarkable to people.

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