Mar 22, 2018

by Gretzel H. Lantican



Forget wireless earphones and around-ear headphones. Today’s modern yet stylish technology allows you to wear listening devices in style. With Wraps, your frustration with tangled wires and misplaced headphones can finally come to an end.

There won’t be any stress over finding earphones in the bottom of your bag or pocket anymore. Wraps is be the brand to your sound. It’s your companion while playing songs on Spotify.

Wrap Features

This one of a kind accessory brings unique patented designs, anti-storage feature, and superior sound quality to your fingertips. It could either be music to your ears or a fashion statement on your wrist.

Wraps guarantees that its variations of style would perfectly accentuate any outfit you desire. Its Core Series collection comes in 17 shades from Sunrise to Rose Gold.

Wear Your Sound

As a daily commuter in the Metro, the best way to accompany your solemnity is with Wraps.

It features trendsetting earphones meant to match your style. As the brand says, “Wear your sound” to look flawless in trend.