Your 2017 Style Guide to Everyday Workwear

Your 2017 Style Guide to Everyday Workwear

2017 is officially here. You know what that means: the annual clean up of the good old wardrobe. Out with the old, in with the new.

And oh boy, don’t we all just love to throw away 2016?

To welcome 2017, we thought we’d share with you some tips on how we approach styling for everyday workwear.

Since we work mostly with busy, professional women, our clothing philosophy is versatility-with-a-twist. We imbue a timeless silhouette with a captivating tweak, such as strategically placed accents on classic cuts, generous drapes, and specially designed sleeves.

The result: investment pieces that last beyond the fads and trends of the season.

We work closely with emerging designers to translate this philosophy into ready-to-wear, capsule collections.

Since we do limited runs, you're sure not run into someone else with the same dress! And because we're primarily online, we cut obscene retail markups and pass the savings to you.

Here are our top ten styling tips based on this clothing philosophy for 2017:

The Strategically Placed Bow

This nice little accent instantly adds a touch of flair to any top, especially when it’s unexpected. Case-in-point: the Audrina top’s shoulder bow.

Vanessa Matsunaga x AVA Audrina Top in Red

Patty Ang x AVA Grace Top in White

Patty Ang x AVA Jordana Top in White

Back to Backless

Warning: these two backless pieces run the risk of receiving a warning from HR. We love the duality - both are deceptively conservative in front, daring from the back.

Vanessa Matsunaga x AVA Beatrice Top in Black

UNDO Clothing Ariana Dress in Black

Tweak a Basic Dress

Take a simple cut and silhouette. Add something refreshingly new. For the Alice dress below, we tweaked the sleeves by adding tabs. For the Erika dress, we featured a textured green print.

Vanessa Matsunaga x AVA Alice Dress in Black

Patty Ang x AVA Erika Dress in Green Print

It’s All About the Drapes

The Mikaela and Nicole tops below boast some very generous drapes that add a multi-dimensional look. Pro-tip: pair these with skinny dark jeans and heels, and you’re in business.

Patty Ang x AVA Mikaela Top in Black

Patty Ang x AVA Nicole Top in White

Minimal Effort, Maximized Results

The maxi dress is a go-to favorite for every woman still reeling from that insane party the night before. Incredibly comfy and colorful, these three pieces from Tony Evan, Rosenthal Tee, and Eunice Sason turn the work day into a casual affair.

Eunice Sason Gema Maxi Dress in Olive Green

Tony Evan x AVA Marceline LS Dress in Navy

Rosenthal Tee x AVA SOS Dress in Green

Gloat with that Coat

When all else fails, take a creatively cut and designed coat on top of a plain tee and jeans.

Eunice Sason Mischa Coat

Eunice Sason Cropped Oversized Fiona Jacket

Eunice Sason Amelie Coat

Flare Up Your Sleeves

Flares add more sway to your day. The Olivia and Corrine tops both feature some generously flared sleeves, in varying lengths and cuts.

Tony Evan x AVA Olivia Off-shoulder Top in Blush

Eunice Sason Corrine Top in Black

Go Sleeveless!

Definitely one of our favorite looks - play around with different sleeveless silhouettes, add a necklace, then slip on some casual sneakers.

Chris Diaz x AVA Thyia Shirt Dress in Gray

Tony Evan Isadora Sleeveless Dress in Navy

Inabel Layered Flounce Top in White

Back to Basics

Take a very basic top, then look for a tweak: Rosenthal’s short sleeve top has a classic cut with generous sleeves. The Calla blouse features a loose cut, while the Inabel sports shirt has a contrast hidden placket made of the inabel weave, a fabric indigenous to the Northern Philippines.

Rosenthal Tee x AVA Short Sleeved Top in Teal

Chris Diaz x AVA Calla Blouse in Pink

Inabel Women’s Sport Shirt in Navy

From the Neck Down

Take a top that features a turtleneck, pair it with dark skinny jeans, add heels, and we’re good to go for that presentation to senior management.

MROFINU Long Sleeves Turtle Neck Uniform in Maroon

MROFINU Poncho Turtle Neck Uniform in Mustard

Arin Girl Sweater Dress in Black