4 Things You Can Do To Conduct Productive Meetings

4 Things You Can Do To Conduct Productive Meetings
  1. Check the environment and set up your home office to consider video meetings.
    Make sure that you are in a place that is well lit, quiet, and is a conducive place to work. No kids, not noisy pets, and most especially no cluttered backgrounds! 

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  2. Use proper equipment and make it easier for you to work.
    Make sure your microphone is not busted and you are using earphones that connect without issue. Some people use two monitors for desktop setups, some people use a single laptop but with external keyboards to make it ergonomic and less straining. Make sure everything is clean and in proper working order

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  3. Dress like a boss
    Some people might say that it's not necessary to dress up when working at home, but we believe this enhances confidence, creates good habits, and makes sure that clients or other employees see you productive and presentable enough to talk to online. If you're a boss, you'll be commanding respect. If you're an employee, you'll be appreciated by your colleagues (and maybe your boss) for the extra effort you put on! 

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  4. Keep it concise by outlining the agenda and moderating the conversation
    Some meetings might take longer than expected but you can keep this to a minimum by outlining the agenda for the meeting. We also recommend that you use project management tools, like the kanban style Trello, to manage your projects.