Shoes for imaginative girls

A Dose of Decadence - Decadent SHOES in limited runs for imaginative girls who love the thrill of stepping out in something EXTRAORDINARY. Born out of a love for stilettos and all things pretty and DECADENT, we decided to start our own shoe line after many attempts to find the kind of shoes that we love. Shoes with the perfect arch, just the right heel height, not too much edge, and above all, a timeless style that one can wear in any year or era. We are a sister duo - one is an avid shoe and lifestyle blogger, the other a banker. Each design takes months in the making, from conceptualization, to sourcing embellishments, to shoe-lasting, to prototyping, to wear testing, and finally, the production run. We work with a talented group of local shoe-makers who share our vision of creating local, hand-made QUALITY items, that are unique, and at the same time, attainable. We take inspiration from travel, art, the great shoe designers, and things around us - expect to see creatures and not so creepy crawlies crop up from time to time. The guiding theme in our design philosophy is DECADENCE. We believe a daily dose of decadence is key to an all around feeling of content. One shouldn't have to wait for a special occasion for a treat. Have that cupcake for breakfast, sip on wine for brunch, wear those fabulous SHOES just because. It doesn't have to be expensive, just special!

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