Fight COVID-19 by supporting our PPE Manufacturers

Our Mission

AVA has partnered up with local fashion innovators to help support the manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be donated to our frontliners who are in dire need of these equipment to prevent exposure from the virus.

Personal Protective Equipment Shortage

Our government is ill-prepared to combat the rising number of deaths related to COVID-19. Despite this, private donations from individuals to local fashion manufacturers and innovators have helped curve the growing demand of PPEs from hospitals and frontliners who cannot immediately receive these essential items. Unfortunately this is not enough as this only addresses Metro Manila and not the rest of the country.




The protective equipment our partners are producing is medically reviewed. The material used is a great barrier against droplets that may linger in workplaces and locations that treat COVID-19 patients.

Face Shields and Masks

₱25-₱100 for face shields, ₱15-₱25 facemasks

Face shields and masks create a protective barrier against droplets that may linger in the air or from direct contact. The shields also help prevent the user from touching the face–the easiest way to get infected.

Consumables: Alcohol and sanitizing products

₱400-₱700 per gallon

While hand washing is still the best way to prevent transmission, many of our frontliners don’t have access to water, especially in the field. These sanitizing products can aid in reducing the transmission of the virus.

Our local PPE Manufacturers

  • PPE Pepsquad
  • Shields for Heroes PH
  • Beauty HQ

People you'll support:

  • Quezon City General Hospital
  • Lung Center of the Philippines
  • Perpetual Help Medical Center

We ask for your support in these trying times. Let us bounce back from this global pandemic by helping our healthcare workers.
Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate in sending us a message.


For more information about the AVA PPE Donations, kindly contact us.