Bobble Jug 2L - Black


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The Bobble jug is a beautifully designed, highly functional everyday household product. It is a faster, smarter, sleeker reimagining of the squat, slow-filtering water jugs that have hogged space in refrigerators for generations. bobble jug is also unexpectedly slim. It holds more water than its appearance would suggest, and it's sleek appearance allows it to double as a serving jug. It's slim design frees up more real estate inside refrigerators; it can slip neatly into refrigerator doors. 2L bottle Carbon filter made in USA BPA free Ð free of harmful phthalates and PVC Filtered Ð drink great tasting healthy water, all day, everyday Recyclable Ð made from recyclable PET and is 100% recyclable Reusable Ð refill and reuse bottle over and over and over again
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