Clean and Bright No Bubbles Laundry Soap

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We all love clean and fresh laundry but no one enjoys it when colors of our favorite clothes fade or fabrics are worn out because our laundry soap is full of harsh chemicals and toxins. This laundry soap was made to remove the musty odor caused by the buildup of dirt, sweat and bacteria but gentle enough to our planet while keeping our clothes always looking new. This laundry powder is free from SLES and will not produce lather or foam like other commercial detergents but you will smell and feel the “real” clean when it comes out of the wash! For optimum results, use together with our Fresh & Soft laundry conditioner. MADE thoughtfully with coconut based soap, sodium bicabonate, citric acid, sodium carbonate, salt and essential oils. Made in the Philippines USE: Machine Wash: Use one tablespoon for a light load or two tablespoons for a heavy load and extra dirty laundry. Hand Wash: Dissolve one tablespoon in enough water before washing.

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