Keep Cool Soothe Bamboo Mini Kit

Keep Cool

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Are you new to KEEP COOL products?
Do you have a list of skin troubles and nothing seems to be working?
Search no more; put all your current cosmetics that does not work away, for you have found the right brand. Kickstart and try KEEP COOL Soothe Bamboo line products with the mini kit, a mini-size version of our 3 most IMPORTANT products that will help and soothe your skin so much.
Recommended routines for Philippine Climate
☀️ A.M Routine: toner > serum
🌙 P.M Routine: toner > serum > lotion
You do not want to be feeding your face with too much content. Your irritated skin will be grateful by these simple routines.

Fast Fact: Mild and gentle “pat-pat” toner, serum and lotion that can be used by the whole family. The SOOTHE products contains no harmful ingredients and uses only necessary ingredients to soothes the skin.

·Toner: Provides a comfortable relaxation to sensitive and irritated skin. (20ml
·Serum: is a greenish color that calms and heals the skin.
·Lotion: Provides sensitive skin with 7 layers of moisturizing effects.
-Volume: 45mL
-Made in Korea

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