Laundry Stain and Spot Remover

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If you dwell in the city, the grime coupled with sweat and humidity leads to the build-up of those yellow and brown rings around the collar of your loved ones’ best clothes. More often than not, these stains don’t come off after regular wash cycles and you notice them once they've already set in. As soon as you catch a ring forming early, your first line of defense is to treat the stain with this natural laundry companion that will restore your family’s wardrobe back to brilliance. MADE thoughtfully with distilled water, coconut oil-based soap, glycerin, sodium borate and lemon essential oil. Made in the Philippines USE: Treat the stain immediately by rinsing it out with water. Shake well and spray liberally on the stain. Lightly rub the mixture onto the fabric with your fingertips. Allow it to soak for 30 minutes to an hour before laundering in your washing machine. If it s a tough stain, let it soak overnight and repeat the treatment , if necessary.

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