Lock Laces - Hot Pink

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Lock Laces are a patented elastic shoelace and fastening system engineered and designed to improve performance and keep laces locked and secure throughout the course of a race, game, practice or workout.
Lock Laces are elastic, no tie, bungee performance shoelaces that are unlike any other athletic laces. Not only are Lock Laces cool shoelaces, but Jordan, Adidas, & Nike laces can’t even compare! Save time in transition, gain compression, and never worry about your laces ever coming untied! Lock Laces are available in many colors and go with all types of shoes. Perfect for marathons, 5K, triathlons, and track and field.
Product Features: - Safe alternative for Velcro shoes - LOCK LACES™ provide stretch-fit comfort and locked-in safety for all sports and casual use - LOCK LACES™ are a necessity for runners and triathletes improving performance and transition times - LOCK LACES™ are one size fits all and may be trimmed to fit any shoe
Product dimensions: LOCK LACES™ are 48” inches in length. LOCK LACES™ are elastic and stretch to 72” inches in length.

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