Monster Spray 300ml

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Protects, calms, soothes little people and their bedrooms. Childhood may seem like a happy and carefree time but even the youngest tots worry and feel stress too. Learning to express their emotions, separation anxiety or developing new motor skills can sometimes create pressures and the world may seem like one scary place. You can’t always shield your kids from stress but you can help them cope by ensuring they are getting a good night’s rest and creating an atmosphere of calm and security.This soothing and calming bedtime spray is carefully handcrafted with a fragrant blend of essential oils to help chase away the “monsters” and nighttime fears. MADE thoughtfully with distilled water, essential oils of lavender, chamomile and orange essential oil. Made in the Philippines USE: Spray in areas where “monsters” might be lurking such as under the bed, inside the closet, on pillows or in the air.

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