Cordies Executive - Keep It All On The Table

Quirky Tech

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Cordies Executive is made from heavy aluminum and keeps unruly cables and devices organized and weighted down on your desk. Whatever you're not using—phones, Post-Its, headphones, chargers, cords, cables—fits gracefully into a slot. A clean desk is a clean mind. Cord management Cordies Executive keeps your cords and cables from sliding off the edge your desk when they’re unplugged. Slot machine Slots of varied widths accommodate accessories like smartphones, e-readers, charger cords, and notebooks. No more loose items flopping around.
Features: - Various slots accommodate accessories like smartphones, e-readers and notebooks, and keep cables from sliding off the table - Weighted aluminum base for stability - Varied grip widths keeps cables, cords and devices in line
Dimensions: 7.65″ length x 2.45″ height x 3.50″ width

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