Core - Touch Base iPhone 5 Dock

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For the average Apple consumer, an iPhone dock is an accessory as essential as it is boring. While most existing docks provide an efficient place to store your phone, too many fall short on creativity. This is where Core comes in. Its base incorporates a cord management tool that winds around the device, turning a functional feature into artwork without sacrificing compactness. In addition to the syncing/charging port for the iPhone’s Lightning cable, Core also features a high-powered USB charge port, allowing a second device to charge. Spread the word, because the iPhone dock 2.0 has finally arrived.
Features: - Neat and compact docking station for the iPhone 5 - Integrated cord management for the Lightning cable - Extra USB port in rear for additional charging - Power source and syncing cable included
Materials: - Polycarbonate+ABS Blend - Polycarbonate
Dimensions: - 74 H x 75 W x 75 D

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