Rodent Deterrent Humane Defense and Control 1L Refill

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Those tiny furry creatures often enter our homes uninvited. The annoyance, discomfort and infectious diseases they carry can be downright maddening! This potent formulation contains strong and aromatic herbs that is historically proven to naturally ward of mice while remaining kind to them and the environment. MADE thoughtfully with distilled water, grain alcohol, peppermint and clove bud essential oils. Made in the Philippines USE: Spray liberally in cupboards, attics, basements, along baseboards, windowsills, exit and entrance doors, or anywhere mice may be invading your home. Spray again as soon as fragrance wears off to maximize effectiveness. Although this product can prevent a rat infestation, eradication requires treatment from your pest control professional. Use this spray to complement efforts during the removal process and to keep them from coming back into your home.

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