Suede Jewel Yoga Mat in Sapphire


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Our Jewel line of suede mats come in rich deep colors inspired from the timeless shades of semi-precious stones. Classy colors coupled with a minimal center guide for balance, you'll surely be confident to execute your asanas or exercise on this mat!

This mat has a velvet-like finish and adheres best when there's moisture so it's ideal for intense workouts and hot yoga.

Tip: Before use, spray the mat with a water solution that's sparingly infused with your favorite blend of essential oils and voila! You're ready for an aromatherapeutic yoga practice and workout session!

Dimensions: 183cm x 68cm x 3.5mm
Color: Sapphire

Material: Recycled Micrfiber and Natural Rubber

eco-friendly, BPA & PVC-free, silicone free, phthalates-free

Made in China

Machine washable on a cold gentle cycle but it is recommended to hand wash with a mild soap. Use of strong detergents may affect the color of the mat.

Do not bleach.

Keep out of direct sunlight and high heat.

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