Tarsimoji in Mustard

Mara Pinon

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Inspired by the Tarsiers, native to Bohol, the Mara Piñon team brings out the adorable uniqueness of the creature via the Tarsimoji mule. We use Raffia weaves, Abaca fibers which are woven together by hand, also from Bohol. This material embodies freshness, due to the scent of nature from the fibers, and promotes sustainability of the weaving community in Bohol. Digital embroidery is used to provide a certain crispness to Tarsimoji eyes. For our customers comfort, the Tarsimoji has a 2mm memory foam and leather foot landing.⁣

Measurements: Lenght of foot traced on paper (from the lowest point to the highest point)

Size 5 = 21 cmSize 6 = 21.6 cm
Size 7 = 22.2 cmSize 8 = 22.8
Size 9 = 23.4Size 10 = 24 cm

Color: Mustard

Made in Marikina, Philippines

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